Sausage Cinnamon Grilled Cheese French Toast!


Yes I said it, sausage cinnamon Grilled Cheese french toast. Oh my goodness! Simply amazing. A staple in our house for Sunday morning breakfast. We have even had it for supper a time or two! Here goes:

Bread (white or wheat works)

2-4 eggs (beaten)

A few dash of milk


Few tbs of brown sugar

1 tsp of vanilla extract



Shredded cheese

Ok, so first you cook your sausage until its brown, drain it. Then add a little bit of syrup the the sausage and mix it and let it sit. While that is sitting, beat your eggs in a shallow bowl. Add the brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and milk. Mix with a whisk. Get your pan nice and hot. Add some non stick spray. First, your basically making french toast. You dip the bread in the egg mixture on ONE SIDE ONLY. Fry that in the pan. Take it out and fry another piece one side only.

To put together the sandwich, you will take one piece of bread, lay it cooked side UP, add your cheese, sausage and a little more cheese. Top it with the other bread cooked side DOWN. So with your finished product, it shows a sandwich made with uncooked bread on the outsides. (I will take pictures when I make this again. That way you can follow the steps if needed. It is more simple than it sounds.) Dip the sandwich into the egg mixture again, then flip it over. Add to the hot pan and continue to fry the sandwich just like a regular grilled cheese on both sides.

Once done, add syrup over the top and serve warm. Its super yummy! More pictures coming asap!