Black Eye Pea and Turnip Soup

Black Eye Pea & Turnip Soup
1 bag frozen black eye peas
1 bag fresh turnip greens
Small ham, diced
Cornbread, already made
Diced tomatoes (canned or fresh)
Salt and pepper
2 tbs diced garlic
Hot sauce
Use a LARGE POT. Boil the frozen black eye peas as directed on the back of the bag. Add the diced tomatoes and diced ham when almost done. Boil the turnips in another large pot with a few cups of water. Season with salt and pepper and anything else you want. Include the hot sauce as well if you want. Boil until good and wilted but has a bit of a bite. When done, add the drained turnips to the black eye peas and add a little of the liquid from the turnips as well. Season again if needed, simmer until warm. Serve with cornbread.