Southern Cinnamon Toast!

Yes I know, it’s super simple, how can someone mess this up!? Why does anyone need directions on something so simple?! Well, let me assure you, as I have personally seen it happen, sometimes people DO need simple directions. Here is my southern cinnamon toast my momma made me just about every weekend of my life. 🙂





So you take the bread, spread butter on it FIRST. Then sprinkle sugar; enough to cover the butter at least. I like a little extra sugar because it melts and turns crisp! Last, you sprinkle the cinnamon. In that order. Don’t mix the cinnamon and sugar. That is just, well yuck in my opinion. Stick that baby under the broiler until the ends turn light brown (maybe 5 minutes, just gotta watch it!) It ain’t gotta be pretty to taste good! I can promise you that.

Enjoy! 🙂