McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce


This is a copycat recipe of the big mac sauce from McDonald’s. Trust me, it is pretty spot on! Goes great on hamburgers or a dip for fries!

1 cup miracle whip dressing

1/3 cup sweet relish (must use sweet)

1/4 french dressing (no substitutions)

1 tbs sugar

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 tsp minced dry onion

Mix it all together, put in fridge and let it sit for hours. Best to make it the day before so the onions have time to re hydrate and the flavors all marry.

Also I wanted to include the directions on putting together a big mac.

The bottom bun

big mac sauce

diced fresh onions

shredded lettuce

slice of american cheese

burger patty

middle bun

big mac sauce

more diced fresh onions

3 pickle slices

shredded lettuce

another burger patty

ketchup, if using

the top bun

There you have it! A homemade big mac!