PB filled Chocolate Cupcakes


This is another quick recipe I had to make for a party at the school for my children. They were a huge hit and everyone was quite surprised when I told them it was not all homemade.

Here is what you need:

Chocolate cake box mix, any brand will work, we use the devils food chocolate mix

(If you wanna make homemade chocolate cupcakes, perfectly fine too!)

Creamy peanut butter

cream cheese frosting in a can

Homemade Buttercream icing

First, just bake the cup cakes like it says on the box. My husband prefers the devils food chocolate. Let the cupcakes cool. Then take a small spoon or knife and cut out the center of each one. (keep the extras) Just a little in the middle. Warm the cream cheese frosting in the can for 30 seconds in the microwave. Then pour it in a bowl. Melt some peanut butter in the microwave as well. Mix the peanut butter and the frosting together. If it gets thick, you may need to re-melt it a little so you can pour/spoon some into each cupcake. Let the cupcakes sit so the filling will harden a bit. Make your homemade buttercream icing while you wait. The recipe link is above.

Remember those little extras from the center of the cupcake?! We are gonna use those to cover the filling back up a little. Just press some of the cupcake extra into the hole. That way the frosting wont sink in.

I obviously used a pipping bag for the icing in the picture. If you don’t have one or don’t want to use one, no big deal. Just spread the homemade icing on top of the cupcakes. For the PB drizzle, super simple… just melt PB and drizzle it. You could even use the left over PB and frosting filling if you have any left.

I topped mine with some chopped Reese’s PB cups too. 😉