Semi Homemade Pizza

Semi-homemade Pizza
You wanna know my secret to a perfect pizza every time!? I’ll tell you. I use a simple FROZEN pizza. Yes I said frozen. I prefer the extra thin crust or the flat bread pizzas. Only the white sauce ones. I make sure there are only a few toppings. Just cheese works or even the chicken one like pictured below!


This works as a good base for the pizza. (Hince the name: semi homemade) Now this is what you do. Place that frozen pizza on a cookie sheet. I cut up some mushrooms, red onions and jalapeño. Then I sautéed them in butter and Worcestershire sauce until the onions start getting soft.
Next I cut up some left over chicken tenders we had. Or you can use pepperoni, sausage, left over steak, ribs, pork… You name it, you can use it!! Oh yeah, olives, bell peppers and tomatoes are a must, I just didn’t have them tonight. And of course you can’t go wrong with BACON!

I put the veggie toppings on the frozen pizza, then the meat, topped with a three cheese shredded cheese. And pop that baby in the oven according to the pizza box.
I swear you can’t go wrong. Some people like to make homemade pizza crust, being a mom and wife, I don’t always have time. So this is what I came up with one night and everyone fell in love. I like that the sauce and crust is already there and I can add pretty much whatever toppings I want. You just gotta make sure the frozen pizza is simple already and not packed with a bunch of toppings.

Simple. Quick. Perfect!