Southern Sausage Gravy

So yes I’m from the south, and no I can’t make good homemade biscuits. So I’m not even gonna lie and try to include a recipe for biscuits. But here is my sausage gravy recipe I’ve been working on for a long time. I think I have it right now!

Sausage gravy (2 ways)

3/4 cup flour

5 cups milk

Whole sausage, cooked and drained (keep the grease)

Pinch of sage

A lot of salt and pepper

1+ tbs bacon grease if needed

Add everything (including the oil from the sausage) except the sausage to a pan and stir constantly until thick and creamy. Make sure you cook low and slow so it doesn’t burn on the bottom. When it’s almost done, add the sausage. 

You can also make a rue. Use the sausage grease and mix in the flour and stir until creamy. Add more oil (bacon grease) if needed to, to make it come together. Then slowly add in milk about 1/2 cup at a time and stir with a rue paddle until it’s completely incorporated. Then keep adding and stirring slowly until all the milk is in. This makes for a super creamy gravy.

Porcupine Meatballs

Ok so I got this “recipe” from my husbands cousin Amy Jo and it’s turned out to be our favorite. I’m gonna post two different recipes here. Both are very similar but one is an actual homemade version and the other is the rice-a-roni quick made recipe. 

Quick Porcupine meatballs

* 1 box of Beef Rice-a-Roni per pound of hamburger. 

Mix the burger with the rice until it’s all mixed really well, then shape it into meatballs. 
Then you fry em until they’re brown. 

Once that’s done, you sprinkle the seasoning packet over top of them & add the water that’s called for on the box of rice. 

Cover it with a lid & let it simmer until all the water is absorbed – maybe 20-25 minutes. They’ll swell up, and some of the rice will cook out of them & it makes like this gravy/slop that you have in the pan.

Homemade version of this recipe


1 Pound Ground Beef — lean

1/2 Cup Rice — uncooked long grain

1/4 Cup Water

1/4 Cup Onion – finely chopped

1/2 Teaspoon Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Dried Thyme

1/4 Teaspoon Pepper


1 can Cream of Celery or Mushroom Soup or Tomato Soup

3/4 cup water

Heat oven to 375°. In medium bowl, lightly mix together all meatball ingredients. Form mixture into 12 meatballs.

Place in 11 x 7″ baking dish.

In medium bowl, stir together all sauce ingredients; pour over meatballs. Cover; bake for 1 hour or until rice is tender.

BOTH RECIPES: serve with mashed potatoes and something green. We prefer green peas or green beans!